We encourage you to become a member of DAVAR. Benefits of being a member of DAVAR include a reduction in the cost of attending talks – £3 instead of £5, but you are also supporting us as an organisation. DAVAR is a very small charity and cannot survive without an active membership.

DAVAR membership form imagePlease complete the DAVAR subscription form and post it back together with a cheque payable to DAVAR. Alternatively you can pay by BACS, details of our bank account are on the subscription form. Please remember to add your name and postcode as a reference, and to post or email the subscription form.

If you pay income tax, please also complete a Gift Aid declaration (included on the form). As a charity, this enables us to reclaim several hundred pounds each year from HMRC, without any cost to you.

DAVAR EVENTSDAVAR winter 2016 Flyer

DAVAR winter 2016 schedule




• Concerts and recitals with both national and international artists, featuring klezmer, classical, jazz, folk and world music
• Group visits to the theatre
• Talks and discussions led by speakers who are leaders in their field
• Celebration days: A Book Fair, Food Day and Arts Festival
• Informal discussion groups on films, books, plays and genealogy
• Crafts workshops and writing groups
• Poetry competitions and art exhibitions.